Celebrating your little one’s first spooky holiday!

There are many firsts in life, but your baby’s first holidays are especially important to commemorate. We would like to offer some festive ideas to celebrate their first Halloween and ensure it is memorable (for you) and fun for them!

Onesie Costumes

Use a onesie as the building block for your little one’s costume, you probably have a bunch lying around, and even if you need a specific colour that you have to pick up from a store, you can never have enough onesies — you will definitely use it outside of Halloween!

Here are two cute examples of the costumes you can build using onesies, felt and tape!

“Sweet Pea” Peapod costume!

Supplies needed:

  • A green onesie (preferably in a slightly more bold or darker shade of green) — and a matching green hat/cap if you want to really finish off the look!
  • Light & dark green sheets of felt
  • Tape!

Simply cut out a long, thin oval shape in a light green shade of felt and tape it to the darker/bold green onesie — then cut out three darker green felt circles (these are your ‘sweet peas’) and tape them to the light green oval! Include the matching cap (you can even add a little ‘stem’ to it with more felt) and you have your peapod costume complete!

Jack-o-lantern Costume!

Supplies needed:

  • Orange onesie
  • Black felt
  • Tape

This is one is really too easy — just cut your jack-o-lantern’s eyes and smile out of the black felt and tape it to the orange onesie — voila! You have an adorable, homemade jack-o-lantern costume that your little one will be comfortable in.

The options for these onesie costumes are endless, if you would prefer not to buy a new onesie, look in your little one’s collection and see what colours you have available — you can always build a costume around that! Felt and tape can be bought inexpensively at your local craft or department store.

Footprint Ghost Pumpkin Craft

Your baby doesn’t have to miss out on the pumpkin decorating activities! When you go out to select the perfect pumpkin to carve, keep your eye out for a tiny pumpkin for your baby to decorate. When the festivities begin, use non-toxic washable paints and have your baby step in some washable white paint! Then stamp their foot onto the pumpkin, with their heel being at the top of the pumpkin and their toes going toward the bottom. Finish off the little foot “ghost” by painting eyes and a mouth on with black paint. This is a great craft to ensure that they can partake in pumpkin decorating! Check out this awesome visual example of the craft on pinterest!

Pumpkin Photo Shoot

While you are doing your pumpkin carving, you might want to completely hollow and clean out a decent sized pumpkin with the entire top part cut off — because who doesn’t love a picture of a cute baby sitting in a pumpkin? Snapping some pictures of this adorable set up is a great way to remember your baby’s first Halloween holiday — and they will make great photos for your home. You can even reminisce many Halloweens later on the time they were small enough to fit in a pumpkin! For added fun, make a day of it, invite some close family and friends to join you and perhaps you can even get some pictures of your little one in their costume, or sitting with the autumn leaves. There’s nothing wrong with being a little snap-happy during your little one’s first holidays!

From crafts, to costumes, to fun photo shoots — there are a lot of great things that make Halloween a fun season for kids! We hope that these ideas get your creative juices flowing to make your child’s first Halloween one that they can look back on in the future to inspire festivity in every holiday they love to celebrate!