Developmental Toys for children. Part 3 (2-3 yrs)

The power of imagination! This week, check out Grace’s  informational video-blog on fun toys that help develop and encourage your child’s imagination.  At 2-3 years, children continue to develop their motor skills and use their surrounding by adopting it to help build their own world of wonder.  Story telling is important as is building blocks that help them create cool structures to tell their own story. Grace’s picks are the Tegu magnetic building blocks, the Habaland city blocks and the Lilliputien fairy-tale hand puppets.

Check out our Part III to developmental toys and be sure to look for the hidden letter and unscramble it – to enter our CONTEST! Our  videos on developmental toys will be posted every Monday, watch all four and email us at with your answers to where you found each letter and what it spells. Get us your answers by February 26th at 11:59pm EST to be entered into the draw. Winner will be announced on Friday February 28th. GOOD LUCK!