New Baby, New Parents

Congratulations! Your first baby is on the way! No need to panic, balafant boutik is here to help you figure out what items are essentials and what are optional during the first 6 months.

Feeding Time

  • Bottles
    Sometimes bottle can be hard for babies to take to. balafant boutik carries Comotomo bottles with anti-colic nipples that offer various flow rates. The silicone texture allows an easier transition from breast-feeding to bottle-feeding.
  • Burp Bib
    Feeding time can be messy but can be less messy with a bib! Bibs made from bamboo fiber muslin is perfect for a quick wash and dry.
  • Drying Racks
    As your baby is still working on developing their own immune system, separating your baby’s cutlery and dishware is important to help prevent cross contamination. We have many fun ways to rack your little one’s belongings.
  • My Breast Friend
    A secure pillow that wraps snuggly around mom’s body to help ease nursing. Your baby can rest on the flat top surface while mum relaxes and makes sure baby keeps feeding. This is also great for dad when the baby is able to bottle feed.
  • Breast Pumps
    Pumps are an easy way to store milk for later and keep the expressed milk from bacteria, mold and viruses.

Nap Time

  • Swaddles have many functions. They can cover the stroller, act as a burp cloth, a napping blanket or a nursing cover.
  • Sleep Sacks prevent your baby from getting tangled in blankets during their nap. They keep your baby cozy and covered while still leaving enough legroom to kick around.

Poop Time

  • Diapers – Disposable or Cloth?
    While disposable diapers can be easier to handle and throw out, cloth diapers can be cheaper in the long run but they can we worth the investment. Cloth diapers are a great way to reduce waste and expenses. The Bump offers a very insightful blog to help you decide which option is best for you.
  • Ointments
    Moisture can cause diaper rash. Be sure to use natural products to prevent harsh chemical reactions on your baby’s sensitive skin. balafant boutik offers the Substance line from Matter Co, which sooths diaper rashes, sun burns, cradle caps, eczema, winter dryness and chapping.
  • Baby wipes
    Keeping clean is always important and sanitary wipes are a must whether at home or on the go.

Bath Time

  • Chemical Free Products like Substance Matter Co.
    When shampooing, conditioning or lotioning baby, carefully check the ingredients used on the bottle. Harsh chemicals can harm baby’s sensitive skin.
  • Hooded towel and Wash Cloth
    It is important for your little one to have soft towels and wash cloths to sooth their sensitive skin.
  • Baby Tub
    Before your baby is big enough to dip in the bathtub, a smaller tub or the sink is more size appropriate. To make things easier in small spaces or the sink, a Puj fits perfectly in both. balafant boutik supplies these easy to use and store foldable tubs.

A Seasonal Note

Some materials are lighter and more breathable than others. Muslin (available in cotton or bamboo) and bamboo are both airy and extremely soft. When its hot outside, you want to make sure that you little one is covered but wearing breathable clothing. As it gets colder, you may want to go with thicker materials. Organic cotton while soft can keep your little one nice and cozy. Some manufacturers use TOG to describe warmth.

What is TOG?

TOG is a unit of measurement used to calculate the warmth of a material or product. Here is a helpful table.

Room Temperature TOG Rating
24° – 27°C
75.2° – 80.6°F
0.4 – 0.8 TOG
21° – 23°C
69.8° – 73.4°F
1.7 TOG
16° – 20°C
60.8° – 68°F
2.5 TOG

Non Essentials for Baby

  • Security Blankets
    This personal item can help your little one feel more secure and cozy. We offer various types of security blankets that come in all shapes, sizes, colours and animals.
  • Diaper Bag
    They don’t have to look like diaper bags! balafant boutik has fashionable and functional diaper bags by manufacturers like Petunia Pickle Bottom and So Young or if you don’t want to invest in a diaper bag, why not get the Elari diaper wallet? The Toronto brand has come up with the solution to make any bag a diaper bag with a changing pad, room for your wet wipes and pockets for ointments and extra diapers (disposable or cloth).
  • Sensory Toys
    Tactile and colourful toys such as mobiles or stroller rattles are great way to stimulate and entertain your baby.
  • Nail Trimmer
    Cutting baby’s nails can be scary for you and your little one. Using a nail file or an electric Buzz B trimmer. This trimmer gently and easily files down nails.

This might seem overwhelming at first but it starts with baby steps. Good luck on the road to becoming a parent!