Picking the Perfect Camp for Your Child!

The sun is out, the flowers are blooming and- oh my! School’s out already?!?!

Among all the excitement of summer, one of the things on your mind may be signing up your little ones for summer camp. With so many to choose from, how does one decide?

With this blog we hope to help you find the perfect camp fit for your little one, and maybe introduce you to some fun options you didn’t know were there!

It’s always good to narrow the choices before you begin tracking down camps. Is there something in particular your child is drawn to? Be it animals, music or doodling, these days there’s a camp for almost any child’s interest, along with plenty of camp options that cover a bit of everything.

Also consider if there’s anything you’d like your child to gain from the camp experience. Is it important for them to be in a social setting? Maybe you want something more educational? Balance your desires with your child’s interests.

Another important thing to consider (and another good way to narrow your search) is what you want the schedule to be. Do you want a full day every day of the week? One day a week over the course of the summer? Try to keep in mind your child’s feelings. While summer camp is a great way to promote independence in your child, it can also be very overwhelming. Why not consider reaching out to the parents of one of your child’s friends to see what they’re up to? Signing up your child with a friend could help ease them into the camp setting if they seem a bit uneasy.

The size and structure of the camp is another consideration. Would your child have more fun in a smaller camp, or would large groups add to the fun? These are all considerations that can help you focus your search.

Here are our suggestions for fun (and educational) summer camps for your little one!

Magic Languages at Red Fish Blue Fish

Immerse your child in the language and culture of France! With sessions in both July and August, this camp runs three days a week and is appropriate for ages three to seven. With a teacher student ratio of 1 to 5, and each day lasting three hours, this is a great introduction to the camp experience.

Check out www.magic-languages.com/our-summer-camp-2015 for more information!

Toronto Zoo Camp

This camp will have your child going wild (in a good way). This fun and interactive camp was voted best day camp in the GTA by Toronto 4 Kids and runs in week long sessions. Through this camp your little one will learn about dozens of animals and hear about what goes on behind the scenes at the zoo.

Check out http://www.torontozoo.com/EducationAndCamps/CampsandPublicPrograms/?pg=ZooCamp for more details.

AGO Art and Design Camps

Can your little one not get enough of arts and crafts? AGO art and design camps combine favorite camp activities with new and educational fine arts experiences. Throughout the camp, children will make numerous pieces using a wide variety of techniques. The session ends with an exciting exhibition of the children’s artwork! In addition to an immersive introduction to the world of art, this camp includes special theme days and swim days to ensure your children stay engaged and active.

For more details, check out http://www.ago.net/camps

Once you’ve narrowed your options, it’s a great idea to call up the camp to ask questions, or even try to set up a meeting with your little one and some of the staff. Many camps will offer references upon request, and the more open they are with discussion and communication with parents, the more comfortable you and your child will be with your choice of camp.

With a little research and an open mind, you’re sure to find the perfect summer camp fit for your child! Here’s to a summer full of fun and memories in the making!