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Get creative this year for Halloween! Here is a list of fun and original Halloween costumes for your little ones:

Our Halloween 2016 costume picks:

Sushi Roll

This costume is super cute and hilarious. Check out how to make it at

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The donut costume is absolutely adorable and easy to make and available some stores. Check out how to make one of your own without having to sew!

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The Classic Black Cat

You can’t go wrong with the classic black cat for Halloween. This costume is good for big kids and little kids! It can be found in many stores and also be a DIY check out this super cute black cat costume DIY at

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Gumball Machine

This one is totally original and creative! It is also good for big and little kids and can be handmade or bought. If you want to make this on your own check out these instructions for babies and for bigger kids

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Sock Monkey

Your little one can be a cuddly cute sock monkey on Halloween! There are two tutorials for how to make sock monkey costumes for kids and for babies

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Healthy Halloween Snacks

We have come up with some healthy options for Halloween snacks that your little ones will love. Here are some healthy snack ideas that are decked out for Halloween:

Boonana Ghosts

This healthy snack is easy to make with only 2 simple steps!

Step 1- Peel bananas and cut them in half. Use both halves of the banana to make 2 ghosts

Step 2- take 3 chocolate chips with peanut butter at the back and stick them onto the top half of the banana to make 2 eyes and a mouth! And there you have your boonana Ghosts!!!

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Apple Monster

Step 1: take a full apple and cut a wedge out of it so it looks like a packman. The space you cut out will be the mouth

Step 2: with the extra piece you cut out of the apple will be the teeth. Take the extra piece and cut them into triangles to make sharp scary teeth.

Step 3: to attach the teeth to the apple use peanut butter as glue and attack the apple teeth to the mouth of the apple. All done, Easy as 1 2 3!

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Pumpkin Veggie Platter

This is a healthy and fun snack your entire family will enjoy and its super easy to put together!

Step 1: take a large circular platter dish as cover it with carrots to make the pumpkin

Step 2: use two small containers with your veggie dip and use the dips as the eyes of the pumpkin.

Step 3: use a vegetable of your choice to make the mouth of the pumpkin

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balafant wishes everyone a very spooky and fun Halloween! We hope our costume ideas and healthy snacks were helpful!