balafant’s beginner’s guide to newborn gifts!

Is someone in your life expecting a bundle of joy? You are probably just as excited as they are to welcome their little one to the world, and getting them a gift to congratulate them on their new addition is thoughtful, and can be fun! However, if you don’t have any children yourself, it can sometimes be difficult to think as a parent would when choosing gifts. Here at balafant boutik we hope to help you with some of those important things to consider when choosing a gift, and even offer a few tried-and-true options that are sure to be a great gift.

One of the first things to consider when buying a gift for a new baby is, “is this the couple’s first child?”

If the answer is no, the couple probably already has many of the essential items from their first child and will be re-using them with their second (especially if the second child is the same gender, hooray for hand-me-downs!) This leaves room for you to choose something a little more “fun and cute”, rather than practical or essential (although the two can often overlap).

If you’re buying for a baby with siblings already, one great option is a teething toy. This is something personal for the new baby and will surely be an asset when baby starts getting those teeth in. One of our favorites is the Ringley teether, which doubles as a rattle for the months leading up to teething.

Another great gift for this situation is a security blanket. Security blankets, especially ones with friendly animal faces become a valuable keepsake as the years go on. With so many hand-me-downs it’s always nice for a little brother or sister to have a plush friend to call their own! Try the ultra soft Kaloo security blankets, or Franck & Fischer security blankets!

If it is the couple’s first child, they may feel just as overwhelmed as you do with all the things they might need to prepare for their new family, and though it might be tempting to get them those “fun and cute” items, many parents will really appreciate receiving a baby essential, as they might not even realize they want it or need it until a specific situation occurs.

Another important consideration to make when gift-buying for babies is “do I know the gender of the baby?” Many parents find out the gender of their child before it is born. However, many also leave it as a surprise! If the gender of the baby you are buying for is unknown to you, it is very important to try and find items that are gender neutral, to ensure that they are a great gift for any baby. There are many, adorable gender neutral products available these days, so it might even be best to try to buy gender neutral gifts even if you do know the gender, unless the parents specify, as these items are often adaptable and can be used again in the future if the couple is to have any other children.

Here are a few ideas for great gifts that are practical, adorable and gender neutral:



First child or not, bibs are one thing parents can never have enough of. With the amount of food that misses baby’s mouth, and all the other various messy situations babies can get into, bibs are a must-have. Bibs are a great gift idea because they will help the parents to minimize the amount of times they have to do laundry in order to keep up with the baby’s needs.

At balafant boutik, one of our favourite bibs is the aden + anais “Dribble” Burping Bib, which doubles as a burping cloth to protect the parents’ clothes during burping! Another great idea is the Mally leather bib. The waterproof, baby-safe leather is easy to clean and prevents food from leaking through the bib and staining the clothing.

If you’re buying for a family that is always on the go, try the oxo tot roll-up bib. When done feeding, the parents can simply roll the nylon portion into the silicone catch pocket, secure it closed and put it away to be cleaned later.


Hooded Towels

Nothing is cuter than a baby fresh from a bath, wrapped up in a cozy hooded towel. Hooded towelsensure that the baby can be quickly, easily, completely dried off and bundled up immediately after exiting the bath. This helps to lessen the chances of a meltdown due to being wet and/or cold — which is great for both the baby and the parents.

Want something a bit whimsical? Go for the 3 Sprouts hooded towels, which feature a wide variety of fun, creative animal designs — from hippos to monkeys to walruses.

Perlimpinpin Bamboo Hooded Towels are also a great option. Made from bamboo, these towels are soft and silky. They also protective against UV rays which means these towels are great not only for bath time, but for things like a family beach day or a trip to the cottage.


3 Sprouts Storage Solutions

Big space or small space, babies come with a lot of stuff — so many parents will appreciate the thought of functional, yet fashionable storage solutions to keep some order in their home as their family grows. 3 Sprouts offers almost every storage solution imaginable, from toy chests to hanging wall organizers, to stroller organizers. Their unique animal designs are cute, eye-catching and kid friendly (although we must admit we love them too!) and add a dash of fun to any space.



Similarly to bibs, babies can never get enough cozy pajamas! Pajamas are a great clothing option to buy for parents as they are always needed, and can be worn during any time of the day. Buying them leaves no risk that perhaps the article of clothing you chose might not match anything already existing in the baby’s wardrobe, and really, what’s cuter than a baby all snuggled up in some jammies?

The OM baby Jasper one-piece pajamas are made and designed right here in Toronto by two local moms! When paired with the adorable matching Jasper hat, the whole set becomes a truly adorable gift set.

The Australian line Sapling also makes a great variety of onesies and outfits perfect for a “wow” gift. The charming and unique designs are suitable for any gender and easy snaps make them a practical but fashionable addition to any wardrobe.

Looking for something a little out of the ordinary, but still practical? Why not try the Nosefrida Snotsucker to clear little noses, or the Zoli Buzz B gentle nail trimmer? Both of these products get rave reviews from moms, and many have bought them as gifts multiple times.

Another idea is to think of a theme and pick a few items that work together. Why not try a spa themed gift, including a hooded towel, bath toy and a Substance baby body foam? That way parents know they’ll have all bases covered!

Having a baby in your life, whether its yours or not, is an exciting blessing. We know that finding the perfect gift for the special little one in your life is important, and we hope that we helped to make sense of all the choices there are for gifts for babies. The most important thing you can give to a special baby in your life is your time and a connection with you, so hopefully these products will also help you to provide a bond between you and the baby, and become a source of fond memories of their baby days as they grow.