DIY Easy Halloween Costumes

With October off to a chilly start, we know that Fall is officially here and Halloween is just around the corner. Are you one of those last minute parents, raiding closets and checking out stores on the eve of Halloween? Us too! Let’s start it early this year with some fun DIY costume ideas for your little ones. They are easy, and sure to impress without breaking the bank! All you will need are things that you can find around your house. Using old clothes and a hot glue gun you can be creative and have fun! We will show you how to make these adorable costumes for your children: a popcorn bag, a bunch of grapes, a strawberry, a bear and the ever popular Minion from Despicable Me!

Popcorn Bag, Baby (0-1 year old)

You will need:

  • White pillow case
  • Red marker
  • Ruler
  • Popcorn
  • White paper

How To Make A Popcorn Costume*

  1. Measure how long your baby is from neck to toes, add 3 inches and that’s how long your popcorn costume sack will be.
  2. Use the ruler to draw straight lines with the red marker. Make sure these are length wise along the pillowcase. (Your baby will stick out the opening.)
  3. Take the white paper and draw a logo something like below (or design your own). Glue it to the pillowcase. You can make two and glue one to the front and one to the back.
  4. Glue popcorn to the opening of the bag.
  5. Use the left over part of the pillowcase to make a headband or a hat. Glue popcorn to that.


*If you would like to match your child, you could go as someone serving at a concession stand! All you need is a white dress shirt, black vest and black pants!

Grape Costume (0-1 years old)

You will need:

  • A green shirt
  • A headband
  • 15 purple balloons
  • Dark coloured onesie

How To Make A Grape Costume*

  1. Blow up the balloons so that they are about the size of your fist. 
  2. Glue or tape these balloons to the onesie.
  3. Using the green shirt, cut out 3 leaves, about 2-3″ long. Glue them to the headband.
  4. Now you have a bunch of grapes!

If you are staying home and giving out treats for Halloween, you can give out raisins as a healthy and cute pairing to your little one’s costume!

Strawberry Costume, Girl (1-2 years old)

You will need:

  • Red shirt
  • Green shirt
  • A headband
  • Black sharpie marker
  • Hot glue gun


How To Make a Strawberry Costume

  1. Measure how long your little one is neck to their knees. This is how long your strawberry costume will be
  2. Take the red shirt and cut out a rounded triangle shape (as above) the length of your baby. Make two lengths (each side of the red shirt).
  3. Draw teardrop shapes on both pieces – the seeds of the strawberry
  4. Glue the sides of the red pieces together, but leave space at the bottom for your child’s legs.
  5. Cut out arm holes and a hole for your child’s head.
  6. Take the green shirt and cut out a zig-zag leaf pattern. Glue this to the top of the strawberry.
  7. Take the green shirt again and cut out a circle and then a piece that is 8” x 1”. Fold the rectangular pieces in half and glue it to the middle of the circle. Then glue the circle to the headband.
  8. And now you have your strawberry costume!

You can also glue black beads onto the strawberry if you are looking for that cool 3D effect.

Bear Costume, Boy (1-2 years old)

You will need:

  • Top: Brown long sleeve shirt or sweater or shirt or onesie
  • Bottom: Brown pants or shorts (not needed if you have the onesie)
  • Brown shirt
  • A white shirt
  • White paper
  • Hot glue gun
  • Head band (or hood)
  • Brown Mittens

How To Make A Bear Costume

  1. Measure how wide the top of the costume is. Subtract about 1 inch and that’s how wide the diameter of the stomach will be. Using the white shirt, cut out a circle of that diameter.
  2. Glue this circle to the middle of the top of the costume. (If there is a zipper going down the top, make sure to cut along that line so your little one can get in and out of the costume.)
  3. Using the brown shirt, cut out two half circles.
  4. Using the white shirt, cut out two smaller half circles. Glue these onto the brown half circles. Glue these onto the hood or the headband. Now you have ears!
  5. Using the white paper, cut 6 small triangles and glue them on to the mittens. Now you have claws on your paws!

You can also make your own version of this costume. Mama and Papa bear would be an excellent addition to this outfit.

Minion* Girls and Boys (3-4 years old)

With Despicable Me 2 being so popular and the Minions movie debuting, these silly yellow creature have gotten more than famous. While it is very easy to find a costume in store, you child will stand out more if their costume is homemade and unique.

You will need:

  • A long sleeve yellow shirt or yellow hoodie
  • Overalls
  • Toilet paper roll
  • Aluminum foil
  • 20” of elastic material (band or otherwise)
  • Black gloves
  • Hot glue gun
  • Black and white paper

*If you are interested in making the crazy purple minion, just switch out everything yellow for purple.

How To Make A Minion Costume

  1. Cut the toilet paper rolls so what you have 2 cylinders 1” thick.
  2. Wrap the aluminum foil around them.
  3. Glue them together. These are your goggles.
  4. Take your elastic and glue it either side of the goggles. Adjust tothe size of your child’s head.
  5. Cut out a circle in black paper. Then cut out this emblem in white, glue it on top. This is your minion emblem.
  6. Glue (or safety pin) this emblem to the front of the overalls.
  7. And now you have all the pieces needed to become a minion!


In many of these steps, your little ones can lend a hand. Don’t worry if you don’t have any of these colours, any material, texture or colour can be used to create your costume. It’s something that you can work on and be proud of together! You can also do some face painting to really make the costume come to life. And now you’re all ready to start making your very own Halloween costumes. Happy trick or treating!