Sensory Soft Balls


Designed and produced in collaboration with occupational therapists, these 5 light, fabric-covered, flexible multi-sensory balls are a great, fun way to stimulate baby’s senses. As baby gets more confident, you can make a hole in the pre- cut lid to create a find-the-shape game! Key features: – Develops fine motor skills and baby’s sense of sight – Fabrics with a range of different textures let babies discover a variety of different tactile sensations – The balls feature contrasting colours and patterns specially designed to develop baby’s sense of sight – Can be converted to a find-the-shape game to develop dexterity and encourage precision Hint: Roll the balls across baby’s skin to give them an intense sensory experience. Discover the other products in Kaloo’s Stimuli range, designed to support your baby at every stage of their development through a variety of sensory-based games.

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